What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of taking what would have previously been thought of as sub-therapeutic doses of a medicine at regular intervals throughout the day. With higher doses, sometimes undesired side effects can occur. Microdosing allows patients to reap the medicinal benefits to alleviate their symptoms without these unwanted effects.

With cannabis, and in particular its primary psychoactive ingredient, THC, there is an interesting relationship between dosing strength and effect. This differs from many other more traditional pharmaceutical medicines.

For symptoms such as pain and anxiety, THC seems to have an effectiveness curve. At pre-dosing or extreme low dosing, there is little to no benefit. Then, as the dosage is increased to sub-therapeutic or microdosing levels, it begins to alleviate these symptoms.

With most other medicines, increasing the dosage beyond this point yields increased effectiveness. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. If you have a bad headache, you take two aspirin.

However, for THC there is a point beyond which its pain relieving properties wane, leaving users occasionally with increased sensation of pain than they felt pre-dosage. Similarly for anxiety, at low and microdoses, THC can be an effective anti-anxiety medication. Yet, at higher doses it can have the opposite effect, causing increased anxiety and even paranoia.

Microdosing can alleviate these effectiveness curve problems, while simultaneously helping patients to remain clear headed so that they feel productive, sharp, and functional throughout the day.

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