Mukwa Botanicals tinctures are made with full spectrum, whole plant extract rather than isolates or distillates. This preserves the full terpene profile to maximize the medicinal value and maintain the integrity and spirit of the source plants.

The primary carrier agent for Mukwa Botanicals tinctures is MCT oil. MCTs are medium chain triglycerides, and in addition to helping the medicine to absorb more readily into the bloodstream, MCTs themselves have a number of medicinal benefits ranging from improvements in cognitive performance to antiviral properties.

Daytime Pain — This daytime formulation is made with a blend of CBD and THC from a sativa strain to relieve pain while maintaining mental clarity and alertness.

Nighttime Pain — This nighttime formulation is made with high THC and moderate CBD from an indica strain. This tincture will relieve pain, aid digestive functions and encourage sleep.

Sleep — This sleep aid is made with high THC from an indica strain to provide pain relief and relaxation to aid with sleep.

Wellbeing — This CBD tincture is ideal for daytime or anytime use and will help with emotional and mental balance, relieve aches and pains, and reduce inflammation while maintaining mental clarity.

Balance — This 1:1 CBD:THC balanced tincture will relieve pain, reduce inflammation, aid with gastrointestinal and digestive issues, and provide general relaxation and comfort.

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