Vape Pens

All Mukwa Botanicals vaporizer products are made from whole plant, full spectrum extract to preserve the integrity of the source plant and to maximize the medicinal value. We have three different kinds of pens – Wellbeing, Balance, and Releaf. 

Wellbeing – Wellbeing integrates mind, body, spirit, and emotion. This whole plant CBD vape pen is designed for microdosing to relieve stress and anxiety and to promote peace. Made with pure CBD and no THC, Wellbeing has no psychoactive effect, so you will remain calm and clear headed throughout the day.

Balance – Balance is designed to achieve homeostasis, to promote balance and equilibrium within the body. With an equal blend of whole plant THC and CBD, this 1:1 vape pen is designed for microdosing to relieve pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety while promoting bliss.

Releaf – Releaf is designed to provide swift relief of both chronic and acute pain. Made with a whole plant, solventless extract called rosin, this high THC Releaf vape pen provides instant relief of pain and inflammation and aids with appetite and sleep.